My Creative Team

This is my awesome creative team! Each member is a vital part of my team, and I am so grateful for their help that I want to share them with you all!


Name: Mia Contreras

Major: Business Marketing

Where I Live: California

Favorite Food: Mexican!!!

Favorite Artist/Band: Britt Nicole

Hobbies: Songwriting, Softball, Traveling. In my spare time, I like to learn weird instruments like the glockenspiel.


Name: Ignacio (Nacho) Andrade

Major: Business Management

Where I Live: Arizona

Favorite Food: Bacon and Pizza!

Favorite Artist/Band: Dirty Loops

Hobbies: I am a music enthusiast. This has slowly become a big part of my life as I’ve dedicated almost half my life devoted to getting better and performing. As the music director and keyboardist of my church, I’ve realized that God gave me a special gift that I love!


Name: Kaitlyn Vogel

Major: Business Marketing

Where I Live: Arizona

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Artist/Band: Boyce Avenue

Hobbies: Photography, Playing Guitar


Name: John Mansoor

Major: Marketing & Psychology

Where I Live: Arizona

Favorite Food: Italian!

Favorite Artist/Band: Coldplay

Hobbies: Reading & Playing Piano


Name: Lexington Fehrenbacher

Major: Business Marketing

Where I Live: Arizona

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Artist/Band: The 1975, Shakey Graves, Colony House

Hobbies: Play the Harmonica

Mia Sunshine: Photo Shoot Ideas

Photo Shoot Ideas

Mia Sunshine has an amazing opportunity to have a professional photo shoot done with her band. Mia Sunshine will begin to make some marketing tools such as posters and ads and is in need of some artistic photographs. We would love to get feedback from all of you on what you think would be some awesome, eye-catching photos. We have started a board on Pinterest called “Mia Sunshine: Photo Shoot Ideas” and we would love to have you add on to it and give us some ideas. If you are interested, please head over to Mia’s Pinterest board and start pinning some photos. You can also contact us on our website to share any ideas you may have. We appreciate your support and can’t wait to share the upcoming photo shoot with you all!