New Song: “Distant Memories”

So excited to announce a new song written by Mia. While this song hasn’t been officially recorded, it is copyrighted to Mia Sunshine. The song is called “Distant Memories”. Here is the back story of this newly written song. I love listening to my friends’ lives and taking struggles and exciting things that they go through to create something relatable to all. This song talks about a girl finding what she thought was love. This girl and guy met one summer and things just felt right. They both lived on opposite sides of the United States. As soon as they were back in their state, the guy did not respond to the girl and she was heartbroken, feeling like she gave her whole heart to a guy who was just playing on her emotions. This song talks about how this girl realizes that he is not the guy for her but it doesn’t change how she feels. All she can do is remember everything they had together. Later on in the song it talks about how the girl is still holding on to the possibility of being with this guy one day. It’s too hard to say goodbye. My advice to my friend and all of you who have gone through this is be patient and wait on the Lord. Our hearts can be filled with what we think is right and suppose to happen in our life, but Jeremiah 29:11 states that God knows the plans for our life and they are greater than what we could ever make or imagine. While it may be hard waiting for that right guy, try to push out what you think is right so you don’t miss out on God’s great plan. That is the story of this song and I really hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this song and my band and I are super excited about getting in the studio to record it!