Java Jam

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Java Jam is essentially a talent show held at Grand Canyon University where the students participate in showcasing their special talent. Mia Sunshine was invited to perform at the GCU Java Jam on February 25, 2015. Mia chose to perform two brand new songs for the audience. The first song was called “Distant Memories”. We did a breakdown on what this song means in a previous post so go read about it there. The other song is called “All I Need”. Mia and her guitarist, Kenny Tack, co-wrote this beautiful song and performed it as a duet. The crowd had an incredible response and the band got a chance to talk to a lot of the students. If you want to listen to this great performance by Mia Sunshine, watch the video on Mia’s YouTube.

How to Book Shows

Ever wonder what the trick is to getting booked for shows? Believe me, it is not easy! Every new, up and comer wants to learn how they can secure venues so they can begin getting their music out. Well, here are a few suggestions in learning how to find gigs and get booked. First, search Reverbnation and learn about the different venues in the area. Find out which venues will best suit your style of music. Never shoot down an option because you think it is not big enough. Accept every opportunity you can. This will build up your portfolio and more venues will be willing to book you.

Next, make the effort. Do not expect that opportunities will fall into your lap. If they do that’s great, but it is important to search out venues and make connections. Rather than shooting an email to a venue, actually go in to meet with the manager and give them a demo of your music. This will get the manager connected with you and they will remember you before any of the others who just simply sent an email.

Lastly, stay persistent. I cannot count how many times people say they have sent an email to a venue and haven’t heard anything back from them. Continue coming up with new music and a bigger portfolio and keep going back to the venue and showing them what you can do. Booking shows seem like such a headache, but if you go through the right steps, you will start seeing a broad array of locations just waiting to have someone like you perform for their audience.