Interview Spotlight: Guitarist Kenny Tack


When did you start playing guitar?

“I started playing about 6 years ago.”


What is your favorite thing about playing the guitar?

“The freeing feeling that it gives is amazing, but honestly it’s the doors playing guitar opens as far as friendships go that I love the most. In fact, I wouldn’t have most of my best friends if I didn’t pick up guitar.”


What is one memorable thing you remember most from being a musician?

“Gosh, one of my favorite memories is the very first time I played the electric on stage to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey for Relay for Life with a whole bunch of my friends. It was just an amazingly fun experience.”


Who is your biggest inspiration for your music?

“Gosh, it really depends on what you mean. As far as just playing goes, Ben Kasica is my all time favorite, but if you’re asking who I look up to and try to model the most as a person I would say Tim Rosenau or Timmy Rose of TobyMac. The guy has had such an impact on my life.”


What are your aspirations for the future as a musician?

“Great question, honestly I just want to be able to do it full time in what ever way the Lord tells me to!”