Life Leading Worship

IMG_2419sI have grown up my entire life helping lead worship in some sort of way. I remember in Jr. High always having to get to school by 7 am so that we could rehearse for chapel. I do not remember a time in my life when I haven’t been a part of a worship team. I contemplated the idea of going to college to be a worship leader. I had been leading in my home church for quite some time and one Sunday morning my mindset got flipped upside down. I was singing and trying to get the congregation to worship God, but as I looked to the audience, all I saw were people on their phones or talking to their neighbors. I soon realized how angry this made me. Do these people not understand what worship is? That was the problem. I was struck with these feelings of irritation and missed the opportunity to help lead others and teach others of what worship is. I learned this myself when I began to help lead worship at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Arizona. I was in awe of the way the congregation worshiped God at CCV. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. When asking the leaders why this was, I learned it was because they worked so hard in making sure every aspect led people into a time of worship. There is a ton of controversy on worship because people believe it should just happen and doesn’t really need to be put together. While I do know the Spirit leads, I believe we are failing by not thinking through the details of creating a worship environment. As a worship leader, I fail by not giving my best and by not finding the best to share their talent in this. God created each of us with different talents. It is unfair of me to take the child-loving servant and tell them to play piano. As a worship leader, I strive to create a worship environment of excellence so that when it comes to service, everyone has the complete opportunity to worship in music.