Mexico Mission Trip

Mia MexicoI got the incredible opportunity to go on a mission’s trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. My expectations were completely different than what I experienced, but it was one of the greatest opportunities I have ever had. I went through the organization called Back 2 Back Ministries and saying they are incredible is an understatement. During my time in Mexico, I got to work with 3 different children’s homes. One was Salvation Army, one was Fleureser, and the other was Rancho de los Niños. I want to focus on Rancho de los Niños for this blog. This children’s home is for special needs kids. I want to be completely open and honest with everyone who is reading. I have never really known anyone who is special needs and I love everyone the same, but going into this I had no idea how to act. I was afraid that I would act wrong and a child would get mad at me. I was scared. As we were driving to this children’s home all I could do was pray. I prayed that God would help me react correctly and love the children the way I would with any other child. As I stepped out of the van, I was shocked at the dump these kids live in. There was dirt and huge weeds everywhere you walked. The walls in the house were not painted, and the sheetrock was chipping. The director began to explain to us that Back 2 Back asked the house what their needs were and the only thing they wanted was for a small area with chairs so the special needs kids could tell the neighbor kids about Christ. Wow! Even now this statement gets me. These kids don’t have a nice home, don’t have parents, and have a special need, yet all they are concerned about is the broken and lost. I finally got to meet the children of the special needs home and I fell in love. I have never met anyone filled with more joy than these kids. I spent the whole day playing soccer with these kids and I had so much fun. I was given a new perspective that day. Often times our daily routine is filled with excuses that we can’t afford to help others or we don’t have time to help others. I give these excuses constantly, but these children reminded me that life is about honoring God and sharing His love to the world. I may not have time to watch the new episode of “Castle”, but if I give this up to be a part of changing a life, I can be filled with as much joy as those kids of Rancho de los Niños.