Staying Persistent

musician:studentGrowing up, I always have been known to be the shy girl who fades in the back. Once you get to know me I am very outgoing and energetic; it just takes times. Being a musician has taught me that persistence is key and necessary. Music has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I soon realized that writing music was great but if others weren’t hearing it, what was the reason for it. This made me change my mindset and put in the action needed to make my music spread. Persistence made me determined and not care if anyone thought anything strange of me. It all started when I first got to college. I had been writing music for awhile and I was annoyed that nothing was happening with it. I prayed asking God why nothing was happening with this passion He put in my heart. All I could hear Him saying was to take action. It hit me. God calls me to take action and He will do the rest. I started contacting every record label and producer I could find. It seemed like I was calling the whole world. Every response I got just knocked me down. Either they were too expensive or they wouldn’t take unsigned artists. I felt like it was hopeless. That moment taught me persistence. I started reaching beyond the calls and met up with the musicians that I knew. I was recommended one producer from a friend so I called him up and poured out my heart. For once, I found hope for my music. My producer, Billy Smiley, was ecstatic of working with me and all the details fell in place. After this one experience in my life, I started to become persistent in all areas of my life. I go after what I want. Recently, I really wanted to become involved with the marketing department at a recording studio so I searched one out. I continued to visit them until they saw that I would be an asset to the studio. I got the position and I kept working to get farther. The biggest lesson I learned is that God calls us to take action in all areas of our life. He will open and close doors to direct us in His way, but we have to keep pushing forward.