Song Breakdown: “You’re Not Alone”

I absolutely love performing this song for people because it seems to resonate the most with everyone. Whether you are the strongest of faith or feeling a bit weak, this song is a reminder of why we go through life. When watching the news, my heart breaks from all the tragedy. The world is literally broken and only Christ can hold it together. As I walk through hardships, I easily get caught in my own ways. I struggle with feeling that no one understands and no one cares. In Jr. High, I was this dorky 4-eyed acne girl who no one really wanted to be associated with. I clearly remember one of the popular guys being assigned to sit next to me and his comment was that he would prefer to sit next to anyone else but me. I didn’t understand how people could be this cruel. I was only 11 years old. I was blessed with an incredible family to love and support me, but I felt like school was a prison. I came home running to my room in tears because I felt so alone. My mom would come and comfort me and remind me that it does not matter what others think of me. The only opinion that mattered was what God thinks of me. While I know this to be true, I couldn’t help but feel hurt. Every time I tried to put these thoughts out of my head they just flooded back in. As I grew up and matured, I found myself in Christ. I realized that only God could understand what I was going through. Only God could help me feel surrounded by love. So many times we try to take life in our own hands, but this whole life is about honoring Christ. The Lord has put a plan in place for our life and we need to give our doubts, hurts, and worries to Him. This song is a constant reminder that God is always by our side. He will always be our guide and help us find our way. I hope and pray that this song will be that reminder to you and that you will find love through Christ.

Interview Spotlight: Musician Josiah James

Josiah James is an incredible talent and has accomplished so much in his young life. He has performed all over the world as well as being a songwriter for artists such as Lincoln Brewster and Audio Adrenaline. Visit his website at


When did you start singing and writing songs?

“I started writing and playing music when I was 13 years old.”


How did you get connected with a recording studio?

“The first time was a local artist who had a home studio, the next was a producer I found online, and the third was a local producer I befriended.”


Where does your inspiration for songwriting come from?

“Honestly hardships mostly and discovering God’s grace in those times. My life in faith is where I pull most of my ideas from.”


Where are some of the places you have performed at?

“I’ve done a handful of coast to coast tours covering most of the USA. Toured to Philippines, Austria, Netherlands, and Canada.”


You have written for some incredible artists/bands. Tell us what that is like.

“The songs that were used were songs I had written originally for my own project and I’ve been blessed to have other artists cover them. Taking them further than I ever could.”