Stage Presence

Musicians are always trying to find new ways to make their name and music stick in a person’s head. Often times, music artists think that the only thing that matters, when making a name for yourself, is pushing out song after song after song. When talking to teenagers and young adults, it turns out that they just want to feel connected with a musician. This is why, I believe, stage presence is so important. It is easy to go out on stage and sing your set list straight through, but how can people truly see who you are and connect with you?

The first important thing about stage presence is to have fun! People go to concerts and shows to have an enjoyable time, but they want to see that you are having a blast as well. If you stand in the same spot the whole time with no interaction, people will remember you as boring and rude. But if you jump around and give people high-fives, they are going to love you forever.

The next important thing about stage presence is to share your story. When you signed up to perform music, you may not have thought that it would include sharing your heart, but your passionate stories always leave a lasting impression. If you are the songwriter, share the reason why you wrote that song. Let people see that you are just a normal person and experience heartache and joy just like them. If you are not the songwriter, just explain why the song is so meaningful to you. Don’t be surprised when emails start pouring in telling you how touched and changed they were by your story.