My Life as a Musician and Student

student:musicianPeople always wonder how it is possible to balance life when being a musician and going to school. Not going to lie, my senior year of high school I considered the idea of not going to college. I can now look back and say that I would not be who I am if I didn’t attend Grand Canyon University. As a college student, there are many responsibilities one must attend to. Of course you must go to class and then you have to complete your homework and you should consider going to the gym so you don’t gain that Freshman 15. I added student leadership on top of all of that. My first glance at life was that I would never fit music in. God began to open up my eyes and teach me the moments to use my music. During the school week my routine is constant. It consists of class, homework, gym, leadership, and work. The weekends are even more fun because that is when I get to work on my music. My whole weekend is spent at church leading worship or in my room jamming out. My life is extremely busy, but waking up to quiet time with God I know I am unstoppable. When you are a musician going to college, you find time for music. The biggest lesson I have learned is that being in college has been the best decision for me as a musician. I have so many supporters just because we attend the same school. Whenever I have a concert/gig, I know my leadership team will be front and center. I think back to the amount of people that knew about my music before college, and now the amount is overwhelmingly higher. I cannot even begin to describe the support Grand Canyon University has been in my life as a musician. I would not have had the opportunity to perform at Creation Fest if it wasn’t for them. They encourage me to reach for my dreams and, yes, find my purpose. Don’t let the opportunity of a lifetime support slip through your hands. I could not be more grateful for my time as a student and musician.