Interview Spotlight: Musician Josiah James

Josiah James is an incredible talent and has accomplished so much in his young life. He has performed all over the world as well as being a songwriter for artists such as Lincoln Brewster and Audio Adrenaline. Visit his website at


When did you start singing and writing songs?

“I started writing and playing music when I was 13 years old.”


How did you get connected with a recording studio?

“The first time was a local artist who had a home studio, the next was a producer I found online, and the third was a local producer I befriended.”


Where does your inspiration for songwriting come from?

“Honestly hardships mostly and discovering God’s grace in those times. My life in faith is where I pull most of my ideas from.”


Where are some of the places you have performed at?

“I’ve done a handful of coast to coast tours covering most of the USA. Toured to Philippines, Austria, Netherlands, and Canada.”


You have written for some incredible artists/bands. Tell us what that is like.

“The songs that were used were songs I had written originally for my own project and I’ve been blessed to have other artists cover them. Taking them further than I ever could.”