Why I Choose to Write about God AND Relationships


Growing up, my whole life has been surrounded by listening to K-love and Air1. I absolutely love these radio stations. They contributed to my love of music for sure. I knew that I was going to be like the artists you hear on there. During my growing up years, my heart was changed to the idea of writing and singing multiple genres. When my relatives and friends found out, they basically told me it wasn’t right to do both. I struggled deeply with this. I felt God put a calling on my heart to not just write songs, but to write my feelings. As a musician, I have multiple inspirations that come from the Christian music industry and I always saw them as perfect. Now I know that only God is perfect, but the musicians always sang about the same thing and I thought to myself, “I will never be like them or as talented as them because they don’t have the same struggles I do.” Yes, this is bad thinking but it brought me to crying at God’s feet. I feel like God wants to use me to show the world that everyone goes through human struggles but God can heal us. I am not a musician that has my life figured out; I go through a lot. I am a young woman and I have experienced heartbreak just like the rest. I have experienced temptations like each one of you. I have made mistakes. The incredible thing is that God forgives me and loves me and He continues to bless me when I don’t deserve it. I don’t want to appear like I have my life put together and figured out, because I do not at all. I am opening my heart up so much to everyone that I am allowing you to see the hurt, pain, joy, and triumph. It is difficult because now I am confessing to you all of these embarrassing moments in my life, but I truly believe that someone will listen to my songs and be lead to God calling out to them. I have been amazed to see the support I get from all my fans and I am so grateful for your open and loving heart for me.